background info

We moved on to the Druids Heath estate in 2001 and at that time there were no youth clubs or community events on the estate for children. We decided along with our friends to hire the hall for a couple of hours on a Wednesday evening to provide somewhere safe for them to play. For the first week there where 12 children and they had a great time so we decided to hire the hall for the following week. We had a total shock as 43 children turned up! This really encouraged us as our children had told their friends what they had done the week before and invited them along. We were astonished and didn’t know what to do with them. Fortunately at the time, one of our friends was a teacher and his skills certainly came in handy. That was the beginning of The Spearhead Youth project.

Our philosophy

The Spearhead Trust is a partnership driven charity aiming to enhance the lives of those living within our community.

About our future

We intend on serving the people within our community for as long as we can. We are, at the core, a charity with a heart for the community.


The visionaries


Sid Forster

Sid, the now chairman joined the old committee that managed Bells Farm Community Centre and became an active member in merging the two charities together. So, in 2009 they and a couple of others co-founded the new charity called The Spearhead Trust at Bells Farmhouse.

Dot Forster

Dot has had a massive influence over The Spearhead Trust ever since she started working here in 2001. Dot, along with the rest of the volunteers have tried to establish a warm and friendly environment for the local residents of Druids Heath. She has worked hard and her effort is very much appreciated.