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Free School Meals?

Since the Coronavirus Pandemic, a small team of volunteers have spent 24 weeks of the lockdown providing 7700 meals for disadvantaged families, along with 949 food parcels to members of the community. It takes time sourcing food and funding to be able to offer it free of charge. Fresh meals are prepared daily to the school children, and 32 elderly residents every Wednesday.

Through this challenging time, relationships have developed with many of the families. However, loneliness has hit the elderly the hardest, and they have needed our help! Sometimes, a friendly face is all that’s needed, other times its sustenance.  We have been fortunate in receiving funding for a ‘befriending service’ to move forward with the next stages of the pandemic (due to the increase in loneliness and isolation).

Marcus Rashford has highlighted recently, the need for free schools meals, and we understand that even with these vouchers, some children, still do not get a hot meal. Continuing to offer free meals is one of our main priorities, and we need all the help we can get. If you feel that you would like to contribute toward this effort, please donate to us on the website.

A typical food parcel


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