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Partnering to build a world where all children are looked after and cared for.

The Spearhead Trust addresses several complex social issues within the community. We engage with residents of all ages and ethnicities from various cultured backgrounds. The organisation has a project manager and several volunteers who help daily. We are particularly proud of our pioneering approach regarding community engagement and addressing cohesion issues within our community.

The Spearhead Trust is a voluntary organisation setup in 2001 by Sid and Dot Forster. They, along with several other volunteers help provide a safe and welcoming place where residents are able to access vital services.



— We Facilitae

We help parents put into action plans that help them reach their goals.


— We Build Networks

We have close links with all the local schools and nurseries at the Spearhead Trust. Maths English, ESOL and parenting classes are available. Please ask for more info


— We Strengthen

We work with Adult Education, West Midlands Police, Change Grow Live, Faire Share, Home of The Free, Newman University, New Beginnings, and volunteers.


— We Educate

We aim to help, through local partnerships, educate the poor and needy in the Druids Heath community.


— We Provide Care

We provide food banks with the help of Home of the free church and Fare share. We also provide parenting courses and one to one help sessions.


— We Consult

  1. We work with the local police and social services, along with Birmingham city council in providing the most relevant help to hand.


A Brighter Future — for Druids Heath.

We moved on to the Druids Heath estate in 2001 and at that time there were no youth clubs or community events on the estate for children.

We decided along with our friends to hire the hall for a couple of hours on a Wednesday evening to provide somewhere safe for them to play.For the first week there where 12 children and they had a great time, so we decided to hire the hall for the following week. We had a total shock as 43 children turned up!This really encouraged us as our children had told their friends what they had done the week before and invited them along. We were astonished and didn’t know what to do with them.Fortunately, one of our friends was a teacher and his skills certainly came in handy. That was the beginning of The Spearhead Youth project.




support us and change the course of a someone’s life today!

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