Spearhead Trust @ Bell's Farmhouse

The Spearhead Trust is a voluntary organisation setup in 2001 by Sid and Dot Forster. They, along with several other volunteers help provide a safe and welcoming place where local residents are able to access vital services.

Who is it for?

The Spearhead Trust addresses a number of complex social issues within the community. We engage with residents of all ages and ethnicities from various cultured backgrounds. The organisation has a project manager and several volunteers who help out daily. We are particularly proud of our pioneering approach in regards to community engagement and addressing cohesion issues within our community.

Some of what we do

Family Support

Accessed Daily

A Family Support service is  based at the farmhouse on Tuesday and Thursday  from 1000 – 1400. Appointment Only.

Education Courses

Accessed Daily

We have close links with all the local schools and nurseries at the Spearhead Trust.  Maths English, ESOL and parenting classes are available. Please ask for more info

Community Centre

Accessed Daily

We have an OAP club every Wednesday along with a breakfast club on Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday which is free for all to come along.

oak room

Time to make a change

When Bells Farm Community Centre was first accessed the building had only a few old chairs and tables and was not used by the Community. So we set to work and applied for funding to modenise the facilities at Bells Farm Community Centre which includes computers, tables, chairs, settees, kitchen equipment, sports equipment, interactive white boards and overhead projectors.


The centre lay dormant and closed every day way back then but today it is a hub of activity allowing hard to reach families to access help and advice from a range of services at the farmhouse such as family support, education and recreational courses including Maths and English, Health and Social Care, Parenting, Domestic abuse, arts and crafts and cooking. 

oak room 2

Spearhead Trust

With A Heart For The Community.

With a heart for the community

These services have become invaluable to the local residents who access them weekly. Another one of our services is the food bank, which has been running for a few years and is supported by Costco and Home of the Free Church ( they meet at Bells Farm Community Centre once a week). 

Working hours

Monday-Wednesday: 9:00-15:30 Hrs
Thursday - 9:00-17:00
Friday - 9:00-16:30

We are here

Bell's Farm Close, Birmingham, B14 5PQ
Phone:0121 433 3532
Email: info@spearheadtrust.org.uk