With A Heart For The Community

across the city, we are united in our dedication to children’s rights


Partnering to build a world where all children are looked after and cared for.

The Spearhead Trust addresses several complex social issues within the community. We engage with residents of all ages and ethnicities from various cultured backgrounds. The organisation has a project manager and several volunteers who help daily. We are particularly proud of our pioneering approach regarding community engagement and addressing cohesion issues within our community.

The Spearhead Trust is a voluntary organisation setup in 2001 by Sid and Dot Forster. They, along with several other volunteers help provide a safe and welcoming place where residents are able to access vital services.


We facilitate safe learning spaces..

Our aim at Spearhead Trust is to further benefit the community living in Druids Heath and surrounding areas, without distinction of gender, sexual orientation, age, disability, race or political, religious or other opinions in association with local authorities, volunteers and other orginisations. In a common effort to advance education and provide facilities and activities in the interest of leisure, learning and social welfare, with the object of improving their quality of life.

We try to advance and help create oppurtunities that empower the residents of Druids Heath through the provision of activities which develop skills which will assist residents in improving their situation in life. The incouragement of physical, mental and spiritual well being and the delivery of support to enhance resident’s capabilities so that they are better able to identify and take positive action to fulfill their potential and participate more fully in society.

The Spearhead Trust at Bells Farm House is a non-for profit charity and we soley rely on donations. If you are willing and able please consider giving to us direct on this website via the donate button. Alternatively you can send a cheuque to us at the Spearhead Trust, Bells Farm Close, Druids Heath, Birmingham, B14 5PX. Whatever you can afford will help us to better achieve our goals.


— Our Mission

Our mission is further benefit the local residents of Druids Hetah and the surrounding areas.


— Our Vision

To advance education and create oppurtunities that empower the residents of Druids Heath.


— Our Story

We had it hard ourselves. We understand the complexities of living in this fast-paced unforgiving world.



support us and change the course of a somone’s life today!

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